A brief introduction to the tutorial and what you can expect to learn.

Lesson 1: Let’s get started

Find out what tools you need to make your own website.

Lesson 2: What is HTML?

Understand what HTML is and what it means.

Lesson 3: Elements and tags?

Elements and tags what the are and how to use them.

Lesson 4: Create your first website

Learn to create your first HTML document – the basic template for future pages.

Lesson 5: What have you learned so far?

Recap what you have learned so far and discover what you can expect in the next lessons.

Lesson 6: A few more elements

Familiarise yourself with seven of the most-used elements.

Lesson 7: Attributes

Learn to add extra information to your tags and formulate commands in a more explicit manner.

Lesson 8: Links

Discover how to create links to your own and other pages on the Internet.

Lesson 9: Images

Find out how simple and easy it is to insert images in your pages.

Lesson 10: Tables

Construct HTML tables for the presentation of structured content.

Lesson 11: More about tables

Create even more advanced tables.

Lesson 12: Layout (CSS)

Understand how Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be used to add fantastic layout to your pages.

Lesson 13: Uploading pages

Find out how to get your pages published on the Internet so others can enjoy them too.

Lesson 14: Web standards and validation

Learn about the common standard of HTML and how to check your coding is correct.

Lesson 15: The final tips

A few pieces of good advice for your website projects.