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HTML Guide by Dr. Clue
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Forms introduce a wide range of possibilities. With the possibilities comes a whole lot of work. This section covers all things involved in processing the form information coming from your HTML Documents.
For information on creating the documents themselves, please goto the section.

Whether you've never written a single line of CGI or if your an old salt, you'll find this section to contain just about everything there is to know. If You come across some information I havn't covered, E-Mail me and tell me where the information is. If you have a question regarding CGI E-mail me and I'll try to find out the answer for you. Among other things this guide includes ...
Introduction for CGI NEWBIES
The first section contains an Introduction for absolute NEWBIES to CGI. What is it?, How do I make a CGI program? ,and How to pass data to it.
C++ Code to make your life easier
The Second section makes getting data into a CGI program a snap! If you know how to program in C++ you'll fall in love with Dr. Clue's C++ classes for handling forms.
CGI Calling Conventions
Explains most if not all of the methods by which a CGI can be called. It also touches on SSI (Server Side Includes) which are not CGI, but fall handily into this section.
CGI Environmental Varaibles
This is a complete list of all the standard values passed to a CGI in the form of environmental variables. Page 7 provides a live list of those environmental variables and the values of same as of the moment you view them.
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