HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS tutorials in this site will help you in learning HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS very well. You can learn these languages easily by following our tutorial step by step. The tutorial was written by Mark Foster, an experienced web developer, who worked in a leading New Zealand web agency and then moved to a casino game development company.


Dr.Clue is a good resource for beginner web developers who want to learn how to build their own websites from scratch.

Our portfolio

We developed a website about online gambling with Google Pay, where we rated the best casinos. Based on CMS WordPress with a custom-made theme, we deliver a better UX experience for visitors than competitors.

Lance is a well-known online magazine, and we are excited to collaborate with them on their latest project featuring the JetX rocket game (JetX jogo do foguete), where players are in control of the rocket and decide when to launch it. JetX is a single-player browser game with simple 2D graphics that is based in Brazil.

We are proud to present you with your very own website for the bitcoin casino. A modern design and intuitive navigation will allow users of all levels to access instant information about what’s going on in this gambling hub!

Featuring sleek graphics, slick animations, or stunning pictures – there’s no shortage when it comes down to choosing which theme fits best: whether it’s classic elegance like lavender fields at sunset (our favorite!) Or creative inspiration such as fluffy clouds over ocean vistas; we’ve got them both available now so be sure not to miss out by checking these selections today!